Rachel was born on the 27th August 1849 (VRI film 1526142). Her parents were Thomas (HM059) and Rachel (HM060).

The 1851 census shows that Rachel was 1 year old and living at Boardmans with her family.

The 1861 Census shows that Rachel was now 11 years old and living with her family at Bromley Fold, she was working as a cotton piecer, that is someone who repairs broken threads in the spinning machines – a job often done by children because they had small, nimble hands.

The family moved to the Burnley / Habergham Eaves area between 1861 and the beginning of 1864 (when Thomas died). Rachel was christened (VRI film 1526142) on the 28th August 1864 (a day after her 15th birthday).

Rachel married Thomas Fletcher on 13th August 1870 aged 21. It was a busy time for Magnall weddings as this was the third that year!

1870 Marriage solemnized at Holy Trinity Church in the Parish of H.T. Habergham Eaves in the County Lancaster
No. When married Name and surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence at the time of marriage
Father’s Name and Surname
Rank or Profession of Father
495 August
Thomas Fletcher

Rachel Magnall








Cog Lane

Thomas Fletcher

Thomas Magnall (Decd)



Married in the Church of the Holy Trinity according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, after Banns by me,
This Marriage
was solemnized
between us
Thomas Fletcher X his mark

Rachel Magnall X her mark

in the
of us
Richard Astin

Mary Ann Magnall X her mark

In the 1881 Census Rachel and her husband are living at No. 3 Cog Square next door to her sister Margaret (FM233) (at no.4) and close to her brother Ralph (FM001) (at no. 6). At this stage Rachel and Thomas had the following children:-

  • Thomas Fletcher (b.c.1872);
  • James Fletcher (1874 – 1927);
  • Sarah Jane Fletcher (1876 – 1951);
  • Ernest Fletcher (1878 – 1955);
  • Herbert Fletcher (b.c.1881).

Thomas and Rachel went on to have several other children including:

  • Mary (b.1882, bap.11 Jan 1883 St John’s Church, Gannow)
  • Ada (b. 19 August 1884, privately baptised 20th Aug 1884, died 27 August 1884 aged 8 days, buried on 29 August in Burnley Cemetery)
  • Margaret (b.1885, bap.26 Nov 1885 St John’s Church, Gannow)
  • Harry (b.1889, bap.25 Apr 1889 St John’s Church, Gannow, died June 1891 aged 2 years, buried 16 June 1891 in Burnley Cemetery)

In the 1891 Census Thomas and Rachel were living at 23 Adamson Street. Rachel was now 41 years old and all the children were at home except Ada who had died.

The family were still living at 23 Adamson Street according to the 1901 Census. Thomas and the children were all working as Cotton Weavers. Rachael (not spelling) is recorded as being 50 years old.

The 1911 Census shows that only Thomas and Rachel were left living at 23 Adamson Street with Thomas working as a cotton weaver. They had been married for 40 years and had 9 children of whom 7 were still alive.

Rachel died on 11 May 1923 aged 73 and was buried in grave 10464 at Burnley Cemetery on 15 May. The register shows that she had been living at Stork Hotel in Read, Burnley. Thomas died aged 76 years old in June 1925 and was buried on 9 June 1925.

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