Details of Christ Church, Ince are available on the Lancashire Online Parish Clerk website. Magnalls and Mangnalls who were recorded there are listed below: –

Baptisms – Marriages – Burials

Baptisms at Christ Church, Ince
Index to the Baptisms recorded in the Register for 1864 – 1885

Baptism: 25 Feb 1866 Christ Church, Ince, Lancs.
William Mangnall – [Child] of William Mangnall & Mary
Born: 24 Jan 1865
Abode: Fog’s Fold Ince
Occupation: Colliery Agent
Baptised by: D. Williams Curate
Register: Baptims 1864 – 1879, Page 37, Entry 295
Source: Original Register at Wigan Archives

Baptism: 30 Sep 1883 Christ Church, Ince, Lancs.
Alice Magnall – [Child] of Joseph Magnall & Elizabeth Ann
Born: 3 Sep 1883
Abode: Taylors Street
Occupation: Engineman
Baptised by: G W Sall
Register: Baptisms 1879 – 1885, Page 137, Entry 1091
Source: Original Register at Wigan Archives

Marriages at Christ Church, Ince
Marriages recorded in the Registers for the period 1864 to 1944

Marriage: 23 Jan 1865 Christ Church, Ince, Lancs.
William Hewitt – (X), 22, Collier, Bachelor, Platt Bridge Fold
Ellen Mangnall – (X), 21, Spinster, Platt Bridge Fold
Groom’s Father: Thomas Hewitt, Laborer
Bride’s Father: John Mangnall, deceased, Breaksman
Witness: Albert Phillips, (X); Esther Southworth, (X)
Married by Banns by: James Taylor Curate
Register: Marriages 1864 – 1872, Page 20, Entry 39
Source: Original Register at Wigan Archives

Marriage: 17 May 1877 Christ Church, Ince, Lancs.
Thomas Halton – (X), 22, Collier, Bachelor, Lower Ince
Mary Mangnall – 22, Spinster, Lower Ince
Bride’s Father: John Mangnall, Plate Layer
Witness: John Horrocks; Sarah Ann Hatton, (X)
Married by Banns by: Wm Muzzell
Register: Marriages 1873 – 1879, Page 177, Entry 354
Source: Original Register at Wigan Archives

Burials at Christ Church, Adlington
Index to the Burials recorded in the Registers

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