A number of Magnalls left for Australia during the 19th and 20th centuries (and possibly even in the 18th). Here is some of the information I have found or received so far. I hope to develop individual pages for families once I make the links and have gathered more information.

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New South Wales

Ellen Magnell married John Taylor in 1853 in QC which may stand for the Presbyterian Scots Church, Pitt St., Sydney.

A Mr Magnall arrived in Australia on board the Royal Edward in January 1875

Jane Magnall was born in 1879 to William Thomas Magnall (FM241) and Margaret (FM242) in Waterloo, NSW.

John Robert Magnall was born in 1881 to William Thomas Magnall (FM241) and Margaret (FM242) in NSW.

Elizabeth Magnall was born in 1884 to William Magnall (FM241) and Margaret (FM242) in NSW.

Augustus Edgar Young was born in England in 1856, the son of Arthur Young and Mary Ann. Jane Magnall was confirmed in Manchester on the 24th October 1870. Augustus and Jane were married in Sydney, NSW on the 28th April 1881. They had at least four children:

  • Jane Edith (b.1883 in Woollahra, Sydney);
  • Mary Ann Porter (b.4 Feb 1884);
  • Lavinia Florence Young (b.1887 in Sydney);
  • Augustus Edgar (b.21 Feb 1890 in Woollahra, NSW).

Amy J Magnall died in 1881, daughter of John and Amy J Magnall.

Lucy Magnill was born to William and Margaret in Waterloo, NSW. (Is this William (FM241) and Margaret (FM242)?)

William T W Magnall (presumed to be FM241), son of Robert and Judith, died in 1927. His death was registered in Parramatta, NSW.

Charles F Magnall married Daisie Moffatt in 1934 in Newtown, Sydney, NSW.

Frank P Votto married Winifred O Magnall in 1934 in Burwood, Sydney, NSW.

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BIRTHS 1842-1906

FLORENCE ADELAIDE MAGNELL to Jacob Henry and Emeline Harriet (Le Bain) MAGNELL C 16/12/1890 Norwood, SA
HENRY ALBERT MAGNELL to Jacob Henry and Emeline Harriet (Le Deave) C13/11/1892 Norwood, S A
HILDA MAY MAGNELL to Jacob Henry and Emeline Harriet (Le Beau) C30/4/1884 Stepney, S A
LOUISA MAGNELL to Jacob Henry and Emeline Harriet (Le Bain) C21/4/1882 Stepney, S A


FREDERICK ROBERT MAGNALL 1 yr – parent Jacob Henry Magnall D18/4/1890 Stepney, Norwood, SA
JACOB HENRY MAGNALL age 46 yrs D24/1/1894 Norwood, S A (parents unknown)
LOUISA MAGNALL 1 mth parent JOHN MAGNALL D9/5/1882 Stepney, SA (Should the father should be Jacob? see births above)
FLORENCE ADELAIDE MAGNELL 1 yr father Jacob Henry Magnell D14/7/1892 Norwood
HENRY ALBERT MAGNELL age 3yrs. father Jacob. D19/2/1896 Norwood, North Adelaide.

My thanks to Elaine Whatmore in Australia for help in supplying this information.

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