HMS Styx was a Royal Navy first class sloop. It was launched on the 26th January 1841 and finished it’s service in 1866. The sloop had a wooden hull, was paddle driven and had a displacement of 1379 tons. It carried 6 guns. Some details of the ship’s career can be found on Peter Davis’ website.

The Styx served of the west coast of Africa between 1845 and 1853, presumably during the Kaffir Wars. 183 of those who served on HMS Styx during this time were awarded the South Africa Medal 1834-53 including James Mangnall (HM109) who was an engineer aboard the Styx.

Events gleaned from the Internet:

31st March 1852 – At anchor in Table Bay

2nd August 1860 – St John’s, Newfoundland with Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, first son of Queen Victoria and later King Edward V11.

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