Rebecca was born about 1724 in the Bury area of Lancashire. She married Richard Warburton on the 27 December 1743 at St Mary’s Church in Bury on the same day that James Magnall married Elisabeth Fletcher so I am guessing that James and Rebecca were probably siblings. You can read more about Richard and his family on the “Tottington Clan” page of the Ray Warburton’s excellent one name study website. It has been suggested that Rebecca and Richard had the following children

  • Margaret (1744-1797)
  • John (1747-1752)
  • Jacob (1749- )
  • Mary (1757-1768)
  • James (1759-1824)
  • Richard (1760-1849)
  • Ann (1763-1811)
  • Abraham (1767-1819)
  • Mary (1769-1797)
  • Thomas (1771-1772)

I need to search for further evidence for all these children.

Rebecca died on the 17 October 1797 at Barcleses (Bartles), Affetside near Bury in Lancashire and was buried in the graveyard at St Mary’s church in Bury.

Gravestone of Rebecca and Richard Warburton

Here refteth the body of Thomas
Son of Richard Warburton
Of Burtle in Tottington who
Departed this life July 7 1772
Aged one year alfo Rebekah
Wife of the faid Richard War
Burton who departed this
Life July 9 1787 in the 63rd year
Of her age. Alfo the faid Richard
Warburton who departed this
Life October 17 1797 in the 81st
Year of his age. Alfo Ann the
Wife of James Bridge of Bolton
Who died August 5th 1811 aged 48

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