The following table gives the names of some of the women who have married into or out of the Magnall family. I have only included those with known maiden names. If you would like further information on any of them or you have extra information then do please contact me.

Code First Names Maiden Name Date of Birth Father Mother Married to Date of Marriage
EM028 Beatrice Isabella Hargreaves 1st Nov 1878 James Hargreaves Sarah Whitaker EM001 Fred Magnall 25th May 1901
FM002 Mary Howarth 1857 GH001 Luke Howarth GH002 Alice FM001 Ralph Magnall 18th Mar 1876
FM029 Ann Chadwick? 1855 FM028 James Magnall
FM032 Mary Fish 1853
FM236 Eve Bridge 1st Aug 1868 FM234 Joseph
FM238 Emma Mangnall 1852 FM237 Samuel Winward
GM014 Alice Digner 1843 James Digner
GM022 Alice Greenwood 1849 HG001 James Greenwood GM021 James Magnall
GM026b Mary Bavesgreen GM24 ?? Richard Magnall
GM036 Mary Crabtree GM35 Thomas Magnall 13th Apr 1857
GM042 Mary Tillotson GM41 James Magnall 26th Aug 1849
GM132 Mary J. Reynolds 1843 Richard Reynolds
GM198 Sarah Mangnall 1840 HM089 Jane Mangnall Edward Patton
HM033 Margaret Halliwell HM32 Thomas Magnall 1st Jul 1833
HM051 Mary Jackson 1811 HM50 David Mangnall
HM056 Mary Isherwood 20th Oct 1805 JM044 Thomas Mangnell 13th Oct 1823
HM060 Rachel Isherwood 1815 HM059 Thomas Mangnell
JM015 Alice Hardman 24th Mar 1775 Richard Hardman?? Ann Hardman ? KM15 John Magnal
JM019 Jane Darbishire JM18 Robert Mangnall 30th May 1803
JM023 Elizabeth Blundell JM22 James Magnall
JM025 Jane Eccles JM24 James Magnall 12th Jul 1796
JM035 Ellen Kershaw JM34 John Magnal
JM043 Nancy Greenhaigh 1791 JM042 James Mangnell 13th Mar 1811
JM055 Maria Melling 1798 JM42 James Mangnell 21st Nov 1844
JM061 Sarah Smith JM060 Ralph Magnall 16th May 1811
KM014 Jinney Horrox Horrocks KM009 James Magnal 1st May 1785
KM025 Mary Holt KM24 Richard Magnall 10th Nov 1782
KM029 Betty Brook 1771 KM028 John Mangnell 19th Jul 1786
LM023 Richmal Kay 1740 LM022 James Mangnall
LM029 Mary Bradshaw LM024 Thomas Magnall
MM005 Elisa/Elizabeth Fletcher 1723 MM06 James Magnall 27th Dec 1743
MM010 Jane Unsworth MM09 Richard Magnall 11th Jun 1740
MM018 Esther Briscoe Peter Briscoe of Little Lever MM017 James Mangnall
MM019 Elizabeth Wilkinson MM017 James Mangnall (2nd wife)
MM020 Hannah Hardcastle MM017 James Mangnall (3rd wife)
NM003 Elizabeth Greenhalgh NM02 Thomas Magnall 6th Jan 1716
NM005 Esther Lomax NM004 Thomas Mangnall
PM002 Mary Riley PM01 Thomas Mancknoles 2nd Aug 1690
PM004 Mary Roscoe PM003 Reginald Mangnall
QM006 Jennet Nuttall QM005 Thomas Mangnall 1665
RM005 Grece Aslaye RM04 Henry Magkneles 8th Apr 1627
SM006 Elsabeth Romsbotthome SM05 William Magnalles 14th Feb 1603

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