John was born about 1765. He married Betty Brook (KM029) on 19th July 1786 at Bury St. Mary’s Church. John and Betty had at least 9 children:

  • James (JM042), born 26th October 1787 at Croichley or Croichhey, LAN and baptised on 9th December 1787 at Emmanuel Church, Holcombe;
  • Betty (JM046), born 25th March 1793 at Hawkshaw Lane, and baptised on 11th May 1793 at Emmanuel Church;
  • Rachel (JM047), born 17th December 1796 at Spenleach, and baptised on 5th January 1799 at Emmanuel Church;
  • Thomas (JM044), born 21st November 1798 at Spenleach, and baptised on 5th January 1799 at Emmanuel Church;
  • Alice (HM064), born 29th August 1801 at Old Meadows, and baptised on 24th October 1801 at Emmanuel Church;
  • Peggy (HM065), born 2nd September 1803 at Old Meadows, and baptised on 29th October 1803 at Emmanuel Church;
  • John (HM066), born 9th February 1807 at Old Meadows, and baptised on 2nd May 1807 at Emmanuel Church;
  • David (HM050), born 18th February 1810, and baptised on 14th April 1810 at Saint Anne’s, Tottington;
  • Ann (HM011), born 1st May 1813 at Mill-house, and baptised on Jul 3 1813 at Saint Anne’s, Tottington.

Croichhey or Croichley keeps coming up in the Magnall family history and the only reference I can find on a map is Croichley Fold just outside Hawkshaw. There used to be a chapel of ease at Croichley Fold for travellers ascending up onto Holcombe Moor.

A survey of the Township of Tottington Lower End 1794 refers to a John Magnall renting one cottage on Hawkshaw Lane and Finney Cote. Hawkshaw Lane goes to Boardmans and used to be the road joining Hawkshaw to Haslingden. I have not been able to locate Old Meadows or Mill-House yet but Boardmans used to be known as Hawkshaw Meadows so Old Meadows could refer to Boardmans. There is also a mill on the Bolton Road not far from Croichley Fold. Is there anyone out there with local knowledge who can help me?. Anne’s baptism reference says that John was a weaver.

By 1841 John (age about 75) and Betty (age about 70) were living at Withings Clough which I believe to be just off Hawkshaw Lane.

John died in 1845 and was buried at Emmanuel Church by E.Luby on the 6th April 1845. He had been living at Boardmans and was 82 years old.

Betty died in 1848 and was buried at Emmanuel Church on the 3rd November 1848. She was 80 years old and living at Boardmans.

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