Robert was born in about 1778 in Anderton. He married Jane Derbishire on the 30th May 1803 at Bolton Le Moors. Robert and Jane had the following children:

  • Alice, (HM001) born 26 March 1804 in Anglezark;
  • Mary, (HM002) bap. 11 January 1808;
  • Mark, (HM003) bap. 18 December 1809, presumably died shortly after;
  • Mark, (HM004) born 1810 in Anglezark, bap.28 January 1810;
  • Betty, (HM005) born 2 September 1811, bap. 6th October 1811;
  • Banister, (HM027) born c.1814 in Anglezark;
  • Ellen, (HM006) born c.1815 in Anglezark, bap.5 November 1815;
  • John, () born c.1821 in Anglezark.

Jane died in 1835 aged about 58 and was burried at Rivington Church on the 4th June 1835..

The 1841 census shows that Robert was a widower working as a farmer and quarryman and living with his family at Latham’s in Rivington.

The 1851 Census describes him as a “farmer of 48 acres land” on Jepson’s far in Rivington.

Robert was still living at Jepsons at the time of the 1861 Census and was now 88 years old, a farmer of 44 acres. Alice was acting as house keeper, Mark and Ellen were still living with him and two doors away was his son Banister. Banister’s son Robert was resident with Robert senior at the time of census.

Robert died in 1863 aged 92 according to the records and was buried at Rivington Church on the 13th July 1863.

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