Thomas was born on the 16th June 1792 in Salford and christened on the 10th July 1792 at Mosley Presbyterian Church in Manchester. He was the son of William (KM046) and Theodisia (KM047). Thomas worked as an Overlooker and as a book keeper.

On the 18th February 1821 Thomas married Mary Black at St Mary’s, Manchester. Mary died on the 6th April 1821 aged 21 and was buried in Eccles Graveyard.

Thomas remarried on the 25th December 1824 to Jane Hartley (HM053) at Manchester Cathedral. Jane was born in 1799 in Ireland. They had at least five children:-

  • Theodisia (GM027) c.28th October 1825 at Manchester Cathedral;
  • Robert Hartley (GM028/GM199) c.11th April 1827 at Manchester Cathedral;
  • William (GM255) c.9th April 1829 at Manchester Cathedral;
  • Ann (GM256) c.1st June 1831 at Manchester Cathedral;
  • Thomas (GM249) b.13 January 1836, c.21 Feb 1836 at Manchester Cathedral;
  • John (GM257) c.2nd September 1838 at Manchester Cathedral (RoB Manchester 1838 Q2 V.20 p.461?);
  • James ??.

The 1841 Census shows that Thomas and Jane were living on Bradford Road in Ancoats, Manchester. Thomas is about 45 years old and his occupation is “Cotton Works”.

The 1851 Census shows that Thomas and Jane were living at 103 Bradford Road with Robert and John. Thomas was an “Overlooker of Twist” and was aged 58. Jane was described as a domestic.

I think that Thomas died on the 3rd November 1857 and Jane died on the 8th September 1869 (RoD Manchester 1869 Q3 V.8d p.266 age 70). They were both buried in the same grave at St Mary the Virgin in Eccles..

Many thanks to Val Barr, John Bennett , Jim Mangnall and Harold Boardman for their help in supplying much of this information.

[Last updated 13 Apr 2016]