Hannah was born in 1858 in Birtle, Lancashire. Her parents were Richard Magnall (HM028 / GM079?) and Elizabeth Bilsbury (GM020).

The 1861 Census shows Hannah as a 3 year old girl living with the family at Birtle Moor.

By the time of the 1871 Census, Hannah was a 13 year old Cotton Operative living with her parents in Old Birtle.

The 1881 Census shows that the family had moved to 142 Pits O’th’ Moor. Hannah was now 22 years old and working as a Cotton Weaver.

The 1891 Census shows that Hannah was living with her younger brother Benjamin (FM037), his family and their widowed mother Elizabeth (GM020) at 32 Peers’ Street in Bury. Hannah was now 32 years old and was still working as a Cotton Weaver.

In the 1901 Census Hannah was still living with her younger brother Benjamin and his family. The address shown is 24 Peers Street, whether this was a different house or the houses had been renumbered, we don’t know.

Hannah died in 1939 aged 81 (RoD Bury 1939 Q4 8c 866 age 81) and is buried in Grave 146 at the Church of St John the Baptist, Birtle.

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