William was born in 1897 in Abram (RoB Wigan 1897 Q4 8c 84), the first son of Abel (EM071) and Elizabeth. He was baptised on the 17th October 1897 at the Church of St John the Evangelist in Abram.

In 1901, at the time of the Census, William, his parents and his sister Ethel were living at 4 Wright Street in Abram. He was three years old.

William married Lily Potter (b.1899) in Wigan (RoM Wigan 1926 Q1 8c 134). They had the following children:-

  • Lily Mangnall (CM037), b.1926 in Wigan (RoB Wigan 1926 Q2 8e 51), d.1926 in Wigan age 0;
  • Joyce Mangnall (CM041), b.1927 in Wigan (RoB Wigan 1927 Q2 8c 41), m.Eric Gibson in early 1950 in Ince;
  • Thomas Ronald Mangnall (CM057), b.early 1930 in Wigan (RoB Wigan 1930 Q1 8c 31);
  • James Mangnall (CM072), b. 1932 in Wigan (RoB Wigan 1932 Q4 8c 50);
  • Graham Mangnall (CM116), b.1938 in Leigh (RoB Leigh 1938 Q4 8c 312), m.Hilary Salisbury in early 1961 in Ince.

William died in 1962 (RoD Ince 1962 Q4 10c 489 age 65).

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