Jesse was the eldest son of George Mangnall (FM116) and Elizabeth. He was born in 1891 in Abram and baptised on the 7 October 1891 at the Church of St John the Evangelist in Abram. Interestingly, the register also shows a “Hypothetical Baptism” on the 27 December of the same year! The 1901 Census shows Jesse living with his parents at 459 Warrington Road in Abram aged 9 years old. Presumably he was at school but the census does not show this.

Jesse married Kathleen M Taylor in Doncaster in 1914 and they had the following children:-

  • Elizabeth (DM236), born 1916, died 1918;
  • Lucy (DM245), born 1918, married Reginald G Hackford in 1942;
  • Peter (DM267), born 19 September 1921 in Doncaster, died 1975 in Wakefield;
  • George H. (DM277), born 1923 in Doncaster, died 1927;
  • Jesse (CM030), born 24 August 1925 in Doncaster, married Lily Baxendale in 1952, died 1971;
  • Lily (CM053), born 1929 in Doncaster, married John J Dunn in 1950;
  • Thomas (CM066), born and died in 1931.

Jesse died in 1945 aged 53.

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