James Mangnall was born in 1880 in Ince In Makerfield, Lancashire (RoB Wigan 1880 Q4 V.8c p.74 ?). He was the fourth known child of David Mangnall (GM006) and Elizabeth (FM018) (1881 Census). James appears in the 1881 Census as a 7 month old boy living with his family at 10 Albert Terrace, Platt Bridge, Ince in Makerfield. The family surname is recorded as Magnall.

The 1891 Census shows that James is a scholar living with his family at 10 Adelaide Street. I think that 10 Albert Terrace was renamed as 10 Adelaide Street but this has yet to be confirmed. It is difficult to read on the census whether the family were identified as Magnall or Mangnall.

At the time of the 1901 census the family were living at 30 Victoria Road. James was now 20 years old and working as a general labourer.

James married Sarah Beatrice Winstanley on 4th March 1905 as shown by their marriage certificate:

1905 Marriage solemnized at The Parish Church, in the Parish
of St Mary, Ince-in-Makerfield in the County of Lancaster
No. When married Name and surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence at the time of marriage
Father’s Name and Surname
Rank or Profession of Father
481 March 4th

Sarah Beatrice

2420 Bachelor


Collier— 30 Victoria Road
Platt Bridge

56 Victoria Road
Platt Bridge

David Mangnall

John Winstanley



Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me,
This Marriage
was solemnized
between us
James Mangnall

Sarah Beatrice Winstanley

in the
of us
Peter Fishwick

Alice Fishwick

(illegible signature)

James and Sarah had at least 3 children:-

  • David (DM134) b.21 September 1905 (RoB Wigan 1905 Q4 V.8c p.71 ?);
  • John (DM183) b.4 September 1911 (RoB Bolton 1910 Q3 V.8c p.405 ?);
  • Joseph James (DM230) b.16 September 1915 (RoB Rotherham 1915 Q4 V.9c p.1430 mother’s maiden name- Winstanley ?);

At some point between 1911 and 1915 they obviously moved to Rotherham and James continued to work as a collier.

Sarah died in 1920 aged 35 (RoD Rotherham 1920 Q3 V.9c p.669 age 35). James remarried to Annie P Cakebread in 1922 (RoM Rotherham 1922 Q1 V.9c p.964 Annie P Cakebread). We believe that James and Annie already had one child, Walter Ernest (DM300), before they married. They also had the following children:

  • William (DM272) b.4 September 1922 (RoB Rotherham 1922 Q3 V.9c p.1434 Cakebread);
  • Elizabeth (CM035) b.1926 (RoB Rotherham 1926 Q1 V.9c p.1307 Cakebread);
  • Anne (CM055) b.1929 (RoB Rotherham 1929 Q4 V.9c p.1107 Cakebread);
  • Norman (CM068) b.13 June 1931 (RoB Rotherham 1931 Q3 V.9c p.1091 Cakebread);
  • Desmond (CM110) b.1937 (Rotherham 1937 Q4 V.9c p.977 Cakebread).

When Walter married Jesse Reeves on the 10th March 1944 James is shown on the marriage certificate to have been working as a “Coal Miner (Underground)”

James died in 1953 in the Rother Valley aged 72 years (Rother V 1953 Q1 2c 795)

Many thanks to David James Mangnall and James William Mangnall (both descendants of James) for helping with information.

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