John Frederick Magnall, known as Jack, was born on 30 September 1907 in Salford (RoB Salford 1907 Q4 Vol.8d p.102) and he was baptised at St Saviour’s Church in Ringley on 10 November 1907. He was the son of Thomas Magnall (FM286) and Eliza Rothwell

John married Emily Rachel Thomas (known as Rachel) in 1932. They had two children:

  • John Arthur (CM098) b.1936 (RoB Salford 1936 Q3 Vol.8d p.467);
  • Richard E. (CM179) b.1948 (RoB Salford 1948 Q2 Vol.10f p.921). Sadly, Richard died about a week later (RoD Salford 1948 Q2 Vol.10f p.452).

In 1939 John was recorded as living at 7 Eades Street in Salford and he was working as a Police Constable. He was later promoted to Sergeant.

John died in Flixton, Manchester on 28 December 1993 aged 86 and was buried on 6 January 1994.

Many thanks to John R Magnall for help with this information.

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