Mary was born on 27th August 1918 in Burnley (RoB Burnley 1918 Q3 Vol.8e p.243) to Fred (EM001) and Beatrice (EM028). As a child she attended Rosegrove Primary School and then Rosegrove Junior School. When Mary was 11 years old she went to Burnley High School after passing the 11 plus exam. Burnley High School was then located on Ormerod Road in Burnley. During the summer on fine days, Mary, Clara and others from Accrington Road would walk all the way to the High School. The rest of the time they caught a tram.

The family attended Rosegrove Congregational Chapel, (which has since been demolished). Clara remembers the they often had potato pie suppers at church and Mary and Clara used to help by wrapping cotton thread around sets of knives, forks and spoons to keep them together.

When her brother Fred went to motor bike scrambling, Mary and Clara were taken by their father to watch them compete.

Mary married Norman Isherwood in Haslingden in 1954 (RoM Burnley 1954 Q1 Vol.10c p.658).

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