The following are Magnalls and Mangnalls that I have found in the Kelly’s Directory for Manchester, Salford & Suburbs 1929.

Manchester & Salford Alphabetical Index
Magnall Alfd. 14 Beech gro. Brook rd. W
Magnall Mrs. Eliza, housebuilder, 11 Strawberry rd. P
Magnall Harvey, carrier, 29 St. Saviour st. C on M
Magnall James, butcher, 33 Addison st. A
Magnall Jas.butchr.7 Lapwing la.W D—T N Didsbury 1,183:
res. 3 Cromer av. W


Mangall Chas. joiner, 15 Rosevale av. Lev


Mangnall Albert E. clerk, 15 Guildford rd. P
Mangnall Henj. 31 Penn st. M
Mangnall Clifford, clerk, 128 Wernbury st. Harpurhey (EM114)
Mangnall & Co. overall mfrs. 67 Spear st.
Mangnall James, carriage builder, 62 Middlewood st. Harpurhey
Mangnall Jas. window cleaner, 36 Wernbury st. Harpurhey
Mangnall Mrs. Mary Ann, 11 Hulme Hall la. M P
Mangnall Percy, merchant (George Woolley & Co. Ltd.); res. 39 Alan rd. W—T N 955 Didsbury (FM174)
Mangnall Percy, shirt mfr. 16 Parsonage rd. W
Mangnall Sidney, manager Williams Deacon’s Bank Ltd 97 and 89 Moss la,West, M S; res. 9 Heath cres.Stockport (FM180)

Manchester Suburban Alphabetical Directory
Magnall Albt. H. commrcl. travllr. 51 Victoria rd. Urmston
Magnall David, bleacher, 13 Nipper la. Whitefield
Magnall Ernest Edwin, 9 Elms rd. Whitefield (EM007)
Magnall Hannah (Mrs.), 32 Nipper la. Whitefield

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