The following are Magnalls and Mangnalls that I have found in Pigot’s Directory for Lancashire 1822:-

Page 90 – Bolton
Dimity and Quilting Manufacturers
Mangnall R. & J. Chapel-st. Lit.B.

Page 91 – Bolton
Muslin Manufacturers
Mangnall John, Howell-croft

Page 93 – Bolton
Mangnall Thomas, fustian dresser, top of Old Hall-street

Page 166 column 43- Manchester
Manufacturers of Fustians
Magnall James, Meal-street

Page 180 column 88- Manchester
Country Manufacturers – Dimity, Quilting, &c. Manufacturers
Mangnall R. & J. Tuesday, Bush Inn: Little Bolton
Mangnall John, 30, Abraham’s-ct. Tu & Sat. King’s Head: Bolton

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