The following is taken from page 35 of a booklet which includes details of the Myrtle Bank Memorial Tablet, a photocopy of the page was supplied to me by Dorothy Y Magnall. We now know that Myrtle Bank was otherwise known as Mount Pisgah Chapel and that it was a United Free Methodist Chapel located on Cog Lane. If you have any information about or photos of the chapel do please contact me.

The very beautiful Tablet erected in the Vestibule in honour of those who made the supreme sacrifice bear the following names :-

Albert Ashworth. Ben Newham.
Ernest Binns. Albert H. Pellitt.
Walter Brunton. Thomas Rushton.
John Charles. Leonard Starkie.
James Clarke. Lewis Tyman.
Fred Leeming. John Taylor.
Harold Leeming. Walter Taylor.
Ralph Magnall. William Whittam.
Ernest Mills.

Many will remember the Memoriam Service, Saturday, Oct. 25th, 1924, conducted by Rev. J. Hodgson (Mansfield). Others taking part were Mr. Herbert Smith, Mr .A. V. Wilkinson, and Mr. R. G. Hodgson, unveiled the Tablet. At the evening gathering the Chairman, Mr. John Scholfield, presented an illuminated Roll of Honour to the Sunday School. The cost £90 12s. 6d. was entirely defrayed by subscriptions and collections.

The following served in H.M. Forces:-

John W. Aspden. Arthur Greenwood. George Riley.
Alfred Aspen. William Hall. Herbert Roberts.
George Alderson. Tom Howarth. Thomas Radcliffe.
John Boys* Willie Hemingway. James H. Riley.
Harold Boys. Willie Howarth. John T. Savage.
Arthur Boys. James Hodgson. Gilbert Savage*
Wilfred Boys. Admiral Howarth. Ernest Speak.
Arthur Butterworth. Arthur Hargreaves. Walter Stoker.
James H. Binns. Israel Hargreaves. Edwin Spencer.
Samuel Barlow. Walter Holmes. Wilbert Stott.
Walter Clegg* Robert A. Heap. Herbert Smith.
Edward Catlow* Torn Holden. Edward Smith.
Herbert Cock. John Hudsen. Harry Smith.
Walter Charles. John W. Kershaw. Tom Smith.
James Charles. Arthur Leeming. Harry Stevenson.
John W. Cramphorne. Ernest Leeming. George H. Tyman.
Amos Dodgeon. Thomas Leeming. James Tattersall.
James Dodgeon. Enoch Leeming. John Wade.
Fred Duerden. Herbert Leeming. Fred E. Webb.
Percy Duckworth. Joseph Lord. Herbert Wood.
Robert France. Ephraim Lord. Richard Watson.
Ernest France. Thomas Lord. William Ballinger.
Willie Foster. Fred Magnall. Joshua I)uerden.
Frank Greenwood. Harry Magnall. Paul Heaton*
Joseph Glenn. Arthur Ogden* Herbert Lund.
Tom Garnett. Joseph Ormerod. Wilfred Young.
Walter Greenwood. Bertie Pollard.            *Since died.

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