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RG13 Pieces 3900 – 3999 covering Chorley.

Chorley (1901 RG13 Piece 3935 Folio 126 Page 17)

Sched. 102 – 6 St George’s St

Ellis Mangnall Head S
Boot & Shoe Manufacturer Employer Lanc, Chorley (GM274)
Mary Ann Gillibrand Sister Wid
Living on own Means Lanc, Chorley (GM276)
James Mangnall Brother S
Boot & Shoe Maker Worker Lanc, Chorley (GM275)
Mary A Halliwell Serv S
General Serv. Domestic Worker Lanc, Heaton, Bolton ( )
Betty Bentley Visitor Wid 31 Milliner Worker Lanc, Turton, Bolton ( )

Chorley (1901 RG13 Piece 3935 Folio 130 Page 26)

Sched. 160 – 5 Victoria St

John Mangnall Head M
Railway Porter Worker Lancs Chorley (FM190)
Elizabeth A Mangnall Wife M
47 Lancs Chorley (FM191)
Joseph Mangnall Son S 24 Carter for Spirit Merchant Worker Lancs Chorley (EM115)
Ellis Mangnall Son S 22 Maker Up at Bleachworks Worker Lancs Chorley (EM116)
Richard W Mangnall Son S 20 Wood Machine Planer Worker Lancs Chorley (EM117)
Mary A Mangnall Daur S 18 Cotton Weaver Worker Lancs Chorley (EM306)
Beatrice Mangnall Daur S 12 Lancs Chorley (EM307)
Waterhouse Mangnall Son S 10 Lancs Chorley (EM305)
John Mangnall Son S 15 Apprentice to Plumber Worker Lancs Chorley (EM308)
Lizzie Mangnall Daur S
Lancs Chorley (EM309)

Chorley (1901 RG13 Piece 3936 Folio 19 Page 30)

Sched. 193 – 80 Eaves Lane

William Mangnall Head Widr
Bootmaker Own account At home Lancs, Chorley (GM145)
Elizabeth Harriett Mangnall Daur S
Cotton Weaver Worker Lancs, Chorley (FM187)

Chorley (1901 RG13 Piece 3936 Folio 138 Page 27)

Sched. 181 – 36 Corporation St

James W Mangnall Head M
Clogger Worker Lancashire Chorley (FM186)
Mary Mangnall Wife M
Cotton Weaver Worker Lancashire Chorley ( )
Harriett Mangnall Daur
14 Cotton Weaver Worker Lancashire Chorley (EM291)
Alice Mangnall Daur
Plater down Bleach works Worker Lancashire Chorley (EM292)
Gertrude Mangnall Daur
Lancashire Chorley (EM293)

Bolton-Le-Sands (1901 RG13 Piece 3994 Folio 38 Page 7)

Sched. 31 – West Brook Cottage

William Mangnall Head Wid
Retired Colliery Agent Lancs Kearsley GM112
Mary Mangnall Daur S
Lancs Hindley EM084

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