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RG12 Pieces 3100 – 3199 covering Westhoughton, Lostock, Little Bolton, Great Bolton, Walmersley cum Shuttleworth, Bury, Barton Upon Irwell, Withington, Chorlton in Medlock.

Westhoughton, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3106 Folio 74 page 50)

Schedule no.286 – 27 Grundy St

Peter Mangnall Head Wid 76 Lancashire Westhoughton (HM086)
James J Green Foster Son S 21 Coal Miner X       do         do ( )
Samuel Winward Son-in-law M 39       do X       do         do (FM237)
Emma      do Daughter M 39       do         do (FM238)
Mary E    do Foster Daur S 13 Calico ???? (added – Cott Dy) X       do         do ( )
Thomas    do Grandson   9 Scholar       do         do ( )
James    do    do   7    do       do         do ( )
Samuel   do    do   3       do         do ( )
Ernest   do    do 3 M ?       do         do ( )

Westhoughton, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3106 Folio 74 page 50)

Schedule no.289 – 35 Grundy St

Abel Mangnall Head S 63 Living on his own means  X Lancashire Westhoughton ()

Westhoughton, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3106 Folio 1102 page 39)

Schedule no.245 – 102 Market St

William Mangnall Head M
Coal Miner
Lancashire Westhoughton ( )
Sarah A Mangnall Wife M
Lancashire St Helens ( )
Ellen Mangnall Daur
Lancashire Westhoughton (EM321)
Amelia E Mangnall Daur
Lancashire Westhoughton (EM320)
Anne J Mangnall Daur
Lancashire Westhoughton (EM322)
Samuel Mangnall Son
Lancashire Westhoughton (EM193)
Eliza E Mangnall Daur
Lancashire Westhoughton (EM323)
Sarah Unsworth Visitor
22? Lancashire Rumford ( )

Westhoughton, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3106 Folio 131 page 37-38)

Schedule no.214 – 763 Wigan Rd

Richd Mangnall Head M
Coal M Collier
Hindley Lancs (FM128)
Anne Mangnall Wife M
W Houghton Lancs (FM129)
Margt E Mangnall daur S
Silk Weaver
Hindley Lancs (FM130)
Jno Mangnall Son S
Coal M Drawer Collier
Hindley Lancs (EM095)
Peter Mangnall Son S
W Houghton Lancs (EM096)
Anne Mangnall daur
W Houghton Lancs ()
Andrew Lowe ? Boarder S
Coal M Collier
W Houghton Lancs

Westhoughton, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3107 Folio 20 page 36)

Schedule no.221 – 224 Chorley Rd

William Mangnall Head M 31 Coal Miner X Lanc Westhoughton ( )
Elizabeth Mangnall Wife M 31 Silk Weaver X Lanc Westhoughton

Lostock, Westhoughton, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3107 Folio 101 page 20)

Schedule no.119 – Poplars

Richard Mangnall Head Ma 57 Farmer X Lancashire Westhoughton GM127
Margaret Mangnall Wife Ma 56 Lancashire Westhoughton GM128
Margaret Mangnall Daur S 26 Cotton Operative, Spinner X Lancashire Westhoughton FM138
James Mangnall Son S 24 Coal Miner X Lancashire Lostock FM139
Martha Mangnall Daur S 19 General Servant (Domestic) Lancashire Westhoughton FM140
Richard Mangnall Son S 15 Farmer’s Apprentice X Lancashire Westhoughton EM097
Mary Mangnall Daur S 12 Power?, Cotton Operative X Lancashire Westhoughton EM098

Little Bolton, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3114 Folio 125 page 57)

Schedule no.349 – 8 Back o’the Banks

Thomas Mangnall Head M 42 Manager Bill Poster X Lancashire Bolton GM227 / FM143
Eleanor Mangnall Wife M 36 Lancashire Wigan FM144
Margaret E Mangnall Daur S 14 Scholar Lancashire Rivington EM101
Robert Mangnall Son 13 Scholar Lancashire Horwich EM102
Eleanor Mangnall Daur 11 Scholar Lancashire Horwich EM103
James Mangnall Son 9 Scholar Lancashire Bolton EM328
Jane Mangnall Daur
Lancashire Blackpool EM329
Elizabeth Holt Mother in Law Wid 65 Lancashire Ringley

Little Bolton, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3118 Folio 35 page 15-16)

Schedule no.94 – 51 Ainscow St

Major Mangnall Head M 29
Carter X Lancashire Westhoughton FM135
Elizabeth Mangnall Wife
29 Cheshire Crewe
William Mangnall Son
Scholar Lancashire Bolton EM351
Albert Mangnall Son
Lancashire Bolton EM352
Gertrude Mangnall Daur
Lancashire Bolton EM353

Great Bolton, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3119 Folio 40 page 11)

Schedule no.74 – 10 Westbrook St

Hannah Mangnall Head M
Living on her own means Lancaster Bolton (HM024)
Lavinia Mangnall Daur
46 Lancaster Bolton (GM010)
Margaret Mangnall Boarder
44 Lancaster Bolton (GM011)

Great Bolton, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3119 Folio 45 page 22)

Schedule no.136 – 98 Uplands St

John Mangnall Head M 50
Steam Engine Draughtsman X Lancaster Bolton (GM233 / GM241)
Mary Ann Mangnall Wife
51 Lancaster Bolton (GM242)
Ada E Mangnall Daur
25 Lancaster Bolton (FM323)

Great Bolton, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3119 Folio 155 page 8)

Schedule no.312 – 349 Lever St

William Rimmer Head M 27 Cotton Spinner  X Lancashire Bolton
Ellen Rimmer Wife M 25 Lancashire Bolton
Margaret Mangnall Boarder S 23 Cotton Weaver X Lancashire Bolton (FM157?)

Walmersley cum Shuttleworth, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3130 Folio 114 page 25)

Schedule no.129 – 46 Lodge Mill

John Magnall Head M
Cotton Winder  X Lancashire Tottington ( )
Margaret Magnall Wife M
Cotton Weaver  X Lancashire Tottington
David Magnall Son S
Cotton Piecer
Lancashire Oldham (EM056)
Alice Magnall Daur
Lancashire Limefield (EM061)
Harry Magnall Son
Lancashire Limefield (EM070)
Emma Shaw Niece
Cotton Reeler
Lancashire Limefield

Bury, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3139 Folio 136 page 31)

Schedule no.198 – 12 Salford St

Walter Magnall Head S 38 Secretary to Limited Company X Lancashire Newchurch (FM012)

Bury, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3140 Folio 161 page 50)

Schedule no.300 – 32 Peers Street

Benjamin Magnall Head M
Cotton Weaver
Lancashire Birtle (FM037)
Alice Ann Magnall Wife M
Cotton Weaver
Lancashire Birtle (  )
Mary Elizabeth Magnall Daur

Lancashire Birtle (EM247)
Elizabeth Magnall Mother Wid
Lancashire Birtle (GM020)
Hannah Magnall Sister S 32 Cotton Weaver X Lancashire Birtle (FM036)

Worsley, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3148 Folio 42 page 38)

Schedule no.253 – 81 Bolton Rd

John Magnall Head M
Cotton Mill Overlooker
Lancashire Birtle FM038
Esther Magnall Wife M
Lancashire Bury FM039
Albert Howarth Father in Law Wid
Lancashire Rivington?

Barton Upon Irwell, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3153 Folio 57 page 9)

Schedule no.51 – 36 Half Edge Lane

Samuel B Davies Head M 55 Schoolmaster X Anglesey, Llanerchymedd
Elizabeth C Davies Wife M 51 Leicester, Newton Harcourt
Edith C Davies dau S 20 teacher of music Altrincham, Cheshire
Hugh M B Davies son S 18 banker’s clerk X Altrincham, Cheshire
Florence J Davies dau 17 shorthand writer and typist X Altrincham, Cheshire
Dora B Davies dau S 12 scholar Altrincham, Cheshire
Winifred N? Davies dau 10 scholar Altrincham, Cheshire
Kenrick Mangnall boarder 13 scholar Manchester EM286
Juan Leiceaga boarder 15 scholar Spain
Leon Leguay boarder 25 teacher of french & drawing France
May Davies serv S 24 cook Warwick, Pencient
Mary Ann James serv S 24 housemaid Radnorshire, Presteign

Withington, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3162 Folio 89 page 34)

Schedule no.211 – 18 Leavenport Avenue

Fanny Mangnall Head S 72 Living on her own means Prestwich Lancashire HM090
Mary Bishop Serv S 17 Domestic Servant Darlington?

Withington, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3162 Folio 108 page 18)

Schedule no.96 – 15 Alan Road

Alfred Mangnall Head M 56  Buyer of ??  X Lancashire Manchester (GM106)
Annie Mangnall Daughter S 24 Lancashire Manchester (FM171)
Herbert Mangnall Son S 21 Clerk ?? X Lancashire Manchester (FM173)
Percy Mangnall Son S 19 Clerk ?? X Lancashire Manchester (FM174)

n.b. Poor image quality for this schedule.

Chorlton-in-Medlock, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3185 Folio 34 page 21-22)

Schedule no.164 – 30 Avon St

Mary A Magnall Head S 40 Lancashire Manchester FM009
Emma Magnall daur S 23 Dress Mantle Maker X Lancashire Manchester FM010
John S Ridgway Boarder M 50 “Gentleman” Lancashire Audenshaw

Chorlton-in-Medlock, LAN (1891 RG12 Piece 3186 Folio 61 page 22)

Schedule no.135 – 21 Belmont Terrace

Benjamin Mangnall Head M 24 Painter  X Lancashire Crumpsall FM272
Mary Ann Mangnall Wife M 27 Lancashire Ardwick FM307
Emily G Mangnall Daur 1 Lancashire Manchester EM348

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