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RG11 Pieces 3700 – 3799 covering Wigan, Abram, Sutton, North Meols, Hindley, Ince in Makerfield, Newton-in-Makerfield

Sutton, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3740 Folio 23 Page 46)

11 Junction Lane

Joseph Magnall Head M 28 M Engineman Charnock, LAN (FM013)
Elizabeth Ann Magnall Wife M 27 F Wife Sutton, LAN (FM014)
Emily Magnall Daur U 2 F Infant Sutton, LAN (EM008)
Sarah Magnall Sister U 19 F Pupil Teacher Sutton, LAN (FM015)
Sarah Elizabeth Magnall Daur U 1 F Infant Sutton, LAN (EM009)

North Meols, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3749 Folio 115 page 30)

1 Church Street

Annie Magnall Head W 35 F Dress Maker Blackburn, LAN (GM019)
James C.W. Magnall Son 9 M Scholar Bolton, LAN (FM030)
Gertrude E. Magnall Daur 8 F Scholar Bolton, LAN (FM031)
Evelyn A. Magnall Daur 6 F Scholar Bolton, LAN (EM024)
Florence Magnall Daur 3 F Scholar Southport, LAN (EM025)
Sarah H. Massthorne (?) Visiter M  42 F Druggists Wife Southport, LAN
Alice C. Mossthorne Visiter U  34 F From Dividends Bolton, LAN
Eliza Heap Visiter M  27 F Drapers Wife Bolton, LAN

Wigan, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3762 Folio 89 page 45)

3 Harrisons Square

Thomas Mangnall Head M 28 M Roller Coverer Cott Fac Westhoughton, LAN (FM111)
Ann Mangnall Wife M 32 F Westhoughton, LAN (GM108)
Abel Mangnall Son 3 M Westhoughton, LAN (EM072)
Levi Mangnall Son 10m M Westhoughton, LAN (EM077)

Wigan, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3770 Folio 122 page 15)

Wigan Union Workhouse, Frog Lane

Ellen Mangnall Inmate W 71 Cotton Reeler (crossed out) Manchester, Lancs Imbecile HM108

n.b. Ironically, the architect for the Wigan Union Workhouse was William Mangnall (FM292)

Wigan, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3768 Folio 65 page 23)

7 Swann St

Richard Mangall Head M 52 M Cotton Warper West Houghton, LAN (GM217 ?)
Alice Mangall Wife M 52 F  Cotton Weaver Wigan, LAN ( )
Margaret A. Shaw Boarder U 19 F Cotton Weaver Warrington, LAN ( )

Abram, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3771 Folio 29 page 16)

(81) Bickershaw Lane (4 Barracks)

William Hewitt Head Mar
Coal Miner Lancashire Pemberton
Ellen Hewitt Wife Mar
Lancashire Ringley (GM045)
James Hewitt Son Unm
Labourer in Coal Mine Lancashire Ince (FM053)
Thomas Hewitt Son
Labourer in Coal Mine Lancashire Ince
John Hewitt Son
Scholar Lancashire Abram
Henry Hewitt Son
Scholar Lancashire Abram

Abram, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3771 Folio 42 page 41)

Warrington Road Kingsdown Terrace

Jesse Mangnall Head M 43 M Joiner Journeyman Westhoughton, LAN (GM107)
Alice Mangnall Wife M 44 F Westhoughton, LAN (GM111)
William Mangnall Son U 18 M Coal Miner Westhoughton, LAN (FM115)
George Mangnall Son 13 M Dataler in Coal Mine (Labr) Westhoughton, LAN (FM116)
Peter Mangnall Son 7 M Scholar Westhoughton, LAN (FM117)
Abel Mangnall Son 5 M Scholar Westhoughton, LAN (EM071)
Jesse Mangnall Son 3 M Westhoughton, LAN (EM082)

Hindley, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3771 Folio 104 page 22)

9 Swan Lane

John Mangnall Head M 35 M Coal Miner Hindley, LAN (GM109)
Alice Mangnall Wife M 34 F Hindley, LAN (GM110)
Elizabeth Jane Mangnall Dau 13 F Scholar Hindley, LAN (FM112)
Abigail Mangnall Dau 11 F Scholar Hindley, LAN (FM050)
John Mangnall Son 9 M Scholar Hindley, LAN (FM113)
Henry Mangnall Son 8 M Scholar Hindley, LAN (EM114)
Peter Mangnall Son 6 M Hindley, LAN (EM078)
James Mangnall Son 4 M Hindley, LAN (EM079)
Edith Alice Mangnall Dau 1 F Hindley, LAN (EM080)
William Mangnall Son <1 M Hindley, LAN (EM081)
William Wood Lodger W 37 M Coal Miner Wigan, LAN

Hindley, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3772 Folio 45 page 2)

184 Castle Hill Rd

John Magnall Head W 69 M Coalmine Furnace Tenter Hindley, LAN ( )
Margt. Magnall G.Daur  9 F Scholar Hindley, LAN ( )
Mary Magnall Sister 63 F Housekeeper Hindley, LAN ( )

Hindley, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3772 Folio 49 page 9)

1 Gidlons House Castle Hill

Richard Magnall Head W 62 M Colliery Nightwatchman Hindley, LAN ( )
Ann Magnall Daur U 40 F Housekeeper Hindley, LAN Deaf ( )
Joseph Prescott Lodger U 54 M General Labourer Pennington, LAN ( )

Hindley, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3773 Folio 19 page 3)

49 Lord Street Balmoral Villas

William Mangnall Head M 44 M Colliery Agent Kersley, LAN (GM112)
Mary Mangnall Wife M 44 F Wife Lawton, LAN (GM113)
John Mangnall Son U 22 M Colliery Carpenter Ince, LAN (FM118)
Annie Mangnall Daur U 18 F Dressmaker Ince, LAN (FM119)
William Mangnall Son 15 M Apprentice to Colly Mechanic Ince, LAN (FM120)
James Mangnall Son 12 M Scholar Ince, LAN (FM121)
Frances Mangnall Daur 8 F Scholar Hindley, LAN (FM122)
Robert Mangnall Son 4 M Scholar Hindley, LAN (EM083)
Mary Mangnall Daur 19d F Hindley, LAN (EM084)

Hindley, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3774 Folio 45 page 37)

117 Wigan Rd

William Magnall Head M 26 M Coal miner Hindley, LAN (FM004)
Margaret Magnall Wife M 26 F Cotton Mill Reeler Hindley, LAN (FM005)
Annie Magnall Daur 3 F Hindley, LAN (EM005)
Polly Magnall Daur 1 F Hindley, LAN (EM006)
Ellen Magnall Serv W 62 F House Keeper Hindley, LAN (HM017)

Ince-In-Makerfield, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3774 Folio 103 page 16)

10 Albert Ter

David Magnall Head M 35 M Coal Miner Farnworth, LAN (GM006)
Elizabeth Magnall Wife M 27 F Pemberton, LAN (FM018)
John Magnall Son 8 M Scholar Ince, LAN (FM019)
William Magnall Son 6 M Scholar Ince, LAN (EM012)
Peter Magnall Son 3 M Ince, LAN (EM013)
James Magnall Son  7m M Ince, LAN (EM014)

Newton In Makerfield, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3787 Folio 5 page 5)

Wargrave View

John T Hutt Head M 51 M Lab At Iron Factory Foleshill, Warwick ( )
Elizabeth M. Hutt Wife M 39 F Sharnford, Leicester ( )
Smith Mangnall Lodger U 51 M Retired Loco Engineer Bolton Le Sands, LAN GM114

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