Emma was born in 1904 in Burnley (RoB 1904 Burnley Q4 Vol.8e p.178) to Fred (EM001) and Beatrice (EM028). Like her siblings, Emma probably attended Rosegrove Junior School and attended Rosegrove Congregational Chapel (now demolished). Emma was musical and, along with her sister Sarah (Sadie), was in the choir. She was always involved in the concerts, plays bazaars and other functions that occured at the church..

She married Frederick Dickenson in Burnley in 1927 (RoM Burnley 1927 Q3 Vol.8e p.739). Frederick was initially an apprentice to firm of grocers in Manchester but later he became a shopkeeper / grocer on Berry Street, Spring Hill in Burnley

They had at least three children:

  • Eric, born about 1928;
  • Billy, twin brother to Eric;
  • Roy.

Emma later married Tom Presland who worked for wholesale grocer on Elizabeth Street, Burnley. They are shown together on the right.

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