We think that Harry was born on 29th July 1894, possibly in Manchester but the only Harry I have on my RoB database was born in Runcorn (Runcorn 1894 Q3 V.8a p.209). He was the son of Alfred E Magnall (FM079) and Alice Anne Emmett and brother to Gertrude (EM257) and James.

At the time of the 1901 Census Harry was aged 9 and was staying at 1 Ellesmere Road in Stockton Heath, Cheshire, at the home of William H Martin, his wife Ellen and daughter Nellie along with Harry’s sister Gertrude. I have no idea at present what connection Harry has with this family.

Harry joined the army before the Great War started but was discharged during the war because his time in the army had expired. His army record is to be found at Kew in WO364/film 2293 (see below). Harry then re-enlisted, this time with the Royal Flying Corp, where he became a gunner-observer in RE 8 aircraft though he never saw air combat. He was transferred to serve as an aerial gunnery instructor and was proud to have instructed the ace Albert Ball.

After the war, Harry travelled abroad for business and spent much time in Guatemala where he eventually settled and married a Guatemalan born woman of German/Polish parents, Olga Saeurbrei. Harry operated a plantation and later a store. During their time in Guatemala Harry and Olga had three children:

  • Alice Sylvia, b.1925;
  • James Alfred, b.1927;
  • Jean Elsa, b.1929.

In 1940 Olga and family sailed for Vancouver in Canada on the Celina (?). Harry joined them later, they settled in Vancouver and had another son:

  • Harry Roger, b.1941.

Harry died on 30th January 1973 aged 78 in Vancouver.

Many thanks to Wendy Magnall and Trisha Daniell for help with the information above.

EM214 – Harry Magnall – Army Record

The following details were extracted from the Army record of Harry Magnall (EM214) held at Kew ref. WO364/film 2293.

1361 Harry Magnall 6th Bn Manchester Rgt
17 years 8 months Parish of
near town of Warrington
Trade Clerk (?)
Employ Holland
14 Beech Grove, Westhoughton (?)
27 March 1911

Height    5 ft 5 1/4″ Chest Girth when fully expanded 34″
Range of expansion 36″
Vision  good
Physical development  good

Manchester 6 Bn Preliminary training Pte 27-3-11 – 26-5-11
      “   “ Claughton (?) 4-6-11 – 18-6-11
      “   “ Gargrave (?) 28-7-12 – 11-8-12
RM or RAC ? 6 Embodied Service Pte 5-8-14 – 24-10-15
      “   “ Appointed paid Lance Crpl 25-10-15 – 18-4-16
Rfe Rgt (?)
Discharged 18-4-16 18-4-16

Total service towards engagement in the Terratorial Force to 18-4-16 (date of discharge) 5 years 22 days
Character Very good
Discharge in consequence of expiration of time Para 392 subpara XXI KR
Station Stretford Road Manchester 18/4/16

Campaigns (a) Home 27-3-11 to 9-9-14
(b) Expeditionary Force Egypt 10-9-14 to
wounded 11-6-15
Manchester 27th March 1911 to 9-9-14 3 years 166 days
Embarked for Egypt 10-9-14 to 1-4-16 1 year 204 days
Home 2-4-16 to 18-4-16 17 days
Medals 1914-15 star
British War Medal
Victory Medal

Casualty Form – Active Service
6th Bn Manchester Rgt

Report from
Embarked for Egypt Southampton 10-9-14
Embarked for Dardonelles Alexandria 3-5-15
June 11th
1/6 Man
Wounded in action
Gallipoli 5/6/15
June 12th
OC Milt Hos
Shrapnel wd. rt shdr.slt.(?) Malta 9/6/15
1/6 Man
Rejoined Unit (B213) Gallipoli 24/8/15
Appointed pd Lccpl (?) (B213)
1/6 Man
Sick (B213)
Red Cross
P.O.U.O.(?) admitted
Gaza 21/11/15
Base Depot(?)
Arrival (?????) Alexandria 10/12/15
Time expired – Embarked
for England (from Ro???)
Alexandria 23/3/16 (?)

I have been unable to read or make sense of some of the entries in the documents and would welcome any advice as what they may mean.

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