Mona (my paternal grandmother) was born on 18th January 1907 in Great Budworth, Cheshire, the youngest child of James Scott and Mary Ellen Vahey. She was baptised on the 21st August according to her confirmation information.

The 1911 Census shows Mona living at 32 School Lane in Great Budworth, Cheshire with her parents and four of her older siblings. The house at 32 School Lane, which had formerly been the home of James’ parents, John and Martha Scott and their family. The cottage was the property of the Warburton family who lived at Arley Hall, High Legh. Tenants used to go to the Hall once a year to pay the rent and every tenant was given a piece of beef from one of the cattle bred on the Estate. In later years, instead of the beef the families were given a good meal at the Cock Hotel in Great Budworth.

Mona’s hildhood was remembered as a happy time, a favourite play area being the meadows close to home. One memory was of having to carry all the drinking water from a tap at the end of the Lane. In the summer, this would sometimes run dry and water would then have to be carried from the ever-running pump at the bottom of the Dene Hill. This water source had been in use for many years and never known to run dry and the water was always cold.

As a child Mona attended St Mary and all Saints’ Church, Great Budworth and the National, Church of England School in School Lane.

Mona went into service on leaving school initially at Arley Hall. She and her friends in the village used to enjoy cycling to Northwich to go to dances. She did not leave Great Budworth until she was 22, when she moved to Lancashire.

It was in Lancashire that Mona met and married Fred Hargreaves Magnall on the 3rd September 1932 and they moved to 58 Chapel Street in Brierfield where they had the following children:

  • Peter (CM001) b.8th October 1934 – my father;
  • James Scott (CM002) b.14th November 1935, Brierfield;
  • Roger, (CM003) b.14th July 1937;
  • David, (CM004) b.18th July 1939.

Mona, Peter and James and  were confirmed at St Luke the Evangelist in Brierfield on the 20th February 1947.

Mona lived in the Burnley area for the rest of her life. Whilst in Brierfield she attended St. Lukes Church, infrequently; was a staunch supporter of the local Conservative party, enjoyed ballroom dancing, infrequently; and made many friends. When Fred died in 1958, she continued to keep the home together, working at the Nelson Hotel for many years. She also worked for several years on electrical components assembly line of Joseph Lucas. During the 1970s Mona moved to live with Roger and family in Ormerod Road, Burnley.

When she finally retired completely from work she took the flat at 22 New Ground Court, Burnley where she remained, very independent but well supported in many ways by her family and friends, particularly by Jim in later years. She used to enjoy very much her visits to a day care centre, but for much of the time the telephone was her lifeline to the family and more distant friends. The radio and television kept her in touch with events as she found reading more difficult In failing health, she was admitted to Burnley General Hospital early in 2000 and died peacefully on the 10th March 2000.

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