James Mangnall was the only son of Thomas Mangnall (NM004) and Esther Lomax (NM005). Thomas died when only 23 years of age leaving James an only son. James moved to Hollinhurst, Radcliffe where he was a merchant.

James married three times. He had four children by his first wife Esther Briscoe (MM018). They were:-

  • Thomas (LM024);
  • James (LM022), born 1736, died 1784;
  • Mary, born 1744, died 1782;
  • Elizabeth (LM025).

James then married Elizabeth Wilkinson (MM019) and finally Hannah Hardcastle (MM020).

The following is from the “History of Bank Street Chapel”

Louisa Potter, his great-grand-daughter, writing about him states: “He was a man of seme fortune who rode into Manchester with his servant behind him, on horseback, which in those days proved him a man of condition. There are legends of him driving four horses and being an extremely proud man.”

He married three times; the only family was by his first wife, Esther, daughter and co-heir of John, descended from the Rev Micheal Briscoe, ejected from Toxteth, Liverpool, in 1662. Briscoe (b. 1619) was educated at Trinity College, Dublin; and settled in Wairnsley about 1640, a joint ministry with Turton.

The elder of the two sons, Thomas, married Mary Bradshaw, daughter of Ellis Bradshaw (trustee) of Wairnsley. The second son, James, married Richmal Kay; the brother of Daniel Kay (below), who married James MangneIl’s youngest sister, Mary. The second daughter married in 1767 Robert Pilkington of Bolton, and probably lived at “The Folds”. After she became a widow the property was vested in the joint names of herself and her brother-in-law, Daniel Kay.

James died in 1784.

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