James was born on the 26th October 1787 at Croichley or Croichhey, LAN and baptised on 9th December 1787 at Emmanuel Church, Holcombe. He was (probably) the first child of John Mangnall (KM028) and Betty Brook (KM029).
James married Nancy Greenhalgh (JM043) on the 13th March 1811 at St Mary’s, Bury (see the Greenhalgh web site) and they had the following children:

  • John (HM061), born 4th December 1813 at Boardmans, and baptised on 8th January 1814 at Emmanuel Church, Holcombe;
  • William (HM084b), born 18th March 1816 at Boardmans, and baptised on 12th May 1816 at Emmanuel Church. William died aged 18 months and was buried at St Mary’s, Bury on 6th February 1818;
  • Betty (HM097), born 19th April 1821 and baptised on 16th June 1821 at Emmanuel Church;
  • Richard (HM028/GM079), born 7th July 1822 at Boardmans, and baptised on 7th September 1822 at Emmanuel Church;
  • James (GM080), born 25th September 1824 at Boardmans, and baptised on 24th October 1824 at Emmanuel Church;
  • Nancy (GM081), born 15th January 1827 at Boardmans, and baptised on 13th March 1827 at Emmanuel Church;
  • David (GM082), born 15th June 1830 at Boardmans, and baptised on 17th October 1830 at Emmanuel Church;
  • Charles (GM083), born 17th January 1833 at Hawkshaw, and baptised on 22nd June 1833 at Emmanuel Church.

There is over two years between the marriage of James and Nancy and the arrival of John which may suggest that another child may have been born before John. Could this be Thomas (HM059), my great great great grandfather? Recently I have discovered that Nancy gave birth to a son called Thomas on the 6th January 1811 and he was baptised at St Anne’s in Tottington on the 26th February 1811, just a few weeks before she married James. I think it very likely that this Thomas is my ancestor but I haven’t got conclusive proof yet! I also cannot confirm who the father is.

By the 1841 census James and family were still living at Hawkshaw. James was aged about 50 and was a farmer, John was a cotton weaver, William had died, Betty is not mentioned. Richard and James were also cotton weavers.

Nancy died the following year aged 53 and was buried at Emmanuel Church on 2nd August 1842. James remarried on the 21 November 1844 to Maria Melling (JM055) and they had a daughter called Maria about 1846. James died before the 1851 census, possibly only 18 days before the census on 12th March. He was buried on the 12th March 1851 at Emmanuel Church. He was 63 years old.

Maria went to live with her two brothers, Alfred and John, and can be found in the 1861 Census working as a laundress.

Thanks to Pat Russell for supplying some of this information.

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