Thomas Magnall was born about 1857 in the Ramsbottom area to Thomas (HM059) and Rachel (HM060). In the 1871 Census he was living with his widowed mother and several of his brothers and sisters in Cog Lane near Wood Top. He was 14 years old and a cotton weaver.

Thomas was christened a year later on the 26th May 1872 (Vital Records Index) at Holy Trinity Church, Habergham Eaves (entry 1386 on page 174 of the register).

Thomas married Sarah Blakey (FM022) on the 10th April 1876 (Vital Records Index & RoM Burnley 1876 Q2 8e 307) at Holy Trinity Church, Habergham Eaves. They had the following children:-

  • William Thomas (EM018), born on 5th September 1876 (VRI & RoB Burnley 1876 Q3 8e 251), christened 8th August 1876 (VRI);
  • Albert Edward (EM036), born on 7th June 1878 (VRI & RoB Burnley 1878 Q2 8e 276), christened 26th July 1878 (VRI), died 29th May 1879 (RoD Burnley 1879 Q2 8e 153 age 0);
  • Fred (EM019), born on 27th August 1880 (VRI & RoB Burnley 1880 Q3 8e 241), christened 15th September 1880 (VRI);
  • Minnie (EM199), born on 27th January 1884 (VRI & RoB Burnley 1884 Q1 8e 212), christened 21st February 1884 (VRI);
  • Mary Maude (EM224), born on 27th February 1888 (VRI & RoB Burnley 1888 Q1 8e 248), christened 15th March 1888 (VRI);
  • Harry (EM046), born on 17th December 1891 (VRI & RoB Burnley 1892 Q1 8e 168), christened 14th January 1892 (VRI), died 15th May 1892 (RoD Burnley 1892 Q2 8e 142 age 0);
  • Rachel Annie (EM289), born on 30th October 1894 (VRI & RoB Burnley 1894 Q4 8e 219), christened 22nd November 1894 (VRI);
  • Ida (EM050), born on 5th May 1897 (VRI & RoB Burnley 1897 Q2 8e 229), christened 27th May 1897 (VRI), died 14th May 1901 (RoD Burnley 1901 Q2 8e 162 age 4).

By the time of the 1881 Census Thomas and Sarah were living at 49 Cog Lane with their two surviving children William Thomas (EM018) aged 4 and Fred (EM019) aged 8 months.

The 1891 Census shows that Thomas has become a grocer and is living at 198 Accrington Road with:-

  • William (EM018) who is now 14 and a cotton weaver;
  • Fred (EM019) aged 10 and a scholar;
  • Minnie (EM199), aged 7 and a scholar;
  • Mary M (EM224) aged 3.

At the time of the 1901 Census Thomas was 44 years old and still running a grocer shop at 198 Accrington Road. He was living with his wife Sarah, and children William (EM018) who was also known as Tom, Fred, Minnie, Mary, Rachel and Ida.

Thomas died on the 28th July 1909 (RoD Burnley 1909 Q3 8e 116) aged 52 and is buried at Burnley Cemetery.

The photo on the right is of Thomas and Sarah later in their life.

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