Ernest Magnall was born on the 19th December 1895 to James William Magnall (FM024) and Annie nee Pounder (FM239). At the time of the 1901 Census he was living with his father at 19 Cobden Street in Burnley. His mother and younger brother, William, were visiting someone else.

After Ernest left school he continued his education through night school and got a job as a book keeper in a cotton mill.

During the Great War Ernest served in the army and was shot several times. Whilst he was a stretcher bearer on the Somme he was wounded. He then fought at Passchendaele where he gained a serious leg wound which resulted in him having to wear an “iron” on his leg for the rest of his life and was captured by the Germans. He then spent some time as a PoW in Germany. He features in a book called “Other Ranks” written by his commanding office but we have not been able to track this book down yet.

After the War Ernest became manager of Stuttard’s cotton mill in Burnley and the President of the St George’s Society. He lived on Brunshaw Road for a time.

Ernest married Florence (Florrie) Miles in 1922 and they lived at first at 16 Ford Street, Burnley before moving to 301 Briercliffe Road in Burnley. Florrie “was a lovely lady” whose main interests were cooking, baking, embroidery and needlework. Ernest and Florrie adopted a boy called Harry who went to university and became a chemistry teacher (which is what I also did!). Harry read “Other Ranks” when he was a teenager.

Many thanks to Harry and to Diane James for helping with information.

Other Ranks written by W.V.Tilsley with an introduction by Edmund Blunden.
Published by Cobden Sanderson, 1 Montague Street, London.
Dedicated to Ernest Magnall who lived and Charles O’Neill who died.

If anyone can tell me where I may obtain a copy of this book I would be very interested in reading it.

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