Clifford  was born on 17th November 1905, the first son of Thomas Magnall (EM003) and Ruth Taylor.

The 1911 Census shows that Clifford was 5 years old and living with his parents and his maternal grandfather at 52 Woodbine Road in Burnley. His brother Tom was born later that year on 7th September 1911.

Clifford married Mary Josephine Henaghan on 4th February 1933 at St Mary of the Assumption, Burnley and they had a son, Peter, who was born 16 February 1936.

The 1939 Register shows that Clifford and Mary were living at 20 Wordsworth Street, just over the back from Woodbine Road. Clifford was working as a “Motor driver, goods, journey ???” (I can’t read the last few letters but it doesn’t look like journeyman). Mary was a “sewing machinist”.  Peter is shown as a 5 year old school boy.

During World War 2 I believe Clifford was  sergeant of E Company, Burnley Battalion of the Home Guard.

Clifford died in December 1943 at the “Sanatorium Meathop Westmorland”, a sanatorium for people suffering from tuberculosis, and was buried / cremated at Burnley Cemetry on 2 January 1944.

[Last updated 28 Nov 2021]