John Frederick Magnall, known as Jack, was born in 1907 in Salford (RoB Salford 1907 Q4 Vol.8d p.102). We think that his father was a J. Magnall but this is yet to be investigated.

John married Rachel Thomas but we have not been able to find any record referring to them. They had two children:

  • John Arthur (CM098) b.1936 (RoB Salford 1936 Q3 Vol.8d p.467);
  • Richard E. (CM179) b.1948 (RoB Salford 1948 Q2 Vol.10f p.921). Sadly, Richard died about a week later (RoD Salford 1948 Q2 Vol.10f p.452).

John died in Manchester in 1973 (RoD Manchester 1973 Q2 Vol.10e p.397 age 49). The RoD records his date of birth as 21st November 1907 but we think it may have been 30th September. This will need to be checked out from a copy of his birth certificate. We have no record of the death of Rachel yet.

Many thanks to John R Magnall for help with this information.

[Last updated 08 Dec 2004]